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Fun Times at Emmett Ridge Farm

So I have been hanging out with Jermey Boswell a lot over the past few months. He is a first generation, self sustainable farmer in southern Ohio and the most inspirational dude I have ever met.

I first went to his farm with my brother Marc (married to Jeremy's cousin Faith) just to check it out. At first I thought... "Wow... it's a nice set up, but it's just another farm..." But as soon as I started talking to Jeremy I quickly learned he had a deeper mission that needed to be shared with the world... and we got to work.

He shared his ideas on how to fix the food industry in America I was intrigued. Since then we have been filming a lot, and sharing videos online to get more people involved. Emmett Ridge Farm held its second annual Farmers Mile adventure course and it was a huge success. You can check out the video here:

It has been a working progress but we have done some really great things this year. Every time I visit Emmett Ridge Farm has been an adventure! For everyone who participated in the The Farmers Mile, thank you! We cannot wait until next year!!!

Here is a short, less edited version of a behind the scene look at our shoots with Emmett Ridge Farm this year.

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