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"Be Happy"

The past month was not easy for Courtney and I. We left our friends at NBC4 in Columbus and moved out to Parker, Colorado (just south of Denver). We had no place to live, we rented a 26 foot truck, loaded it up and took off west. We stayed at a hotel for 3 nights before we signed a lease to our new apartment. I think Courtney would agree with me when I say it was the most stressed we have both been since we planned our wedding.

So now that we are settled in, and Courtney has started her new job, we decided to take the weekend off and head up to the mountains. What was suppose to be a sunny yet chilly day up over 14,000ft, turned into a wet, hailing, 35 degree windstorm that we weren't quite prepared for. We did end up finding some mountain goats so we got out of our car to take some pictures. Then Courtney's hair started to float because there was a lot of lighting up in the mountains that day, so we jumped back in the car and headed to our campsite.

Our campsite was beautiful, on the edge of the campgrounds with plenty of privacy. We had an opening in the woods and once the storm passed we were able to see some stars. It was a great reminder to us that no matter how bad the storm gets, no matter how hard life can be, it will pass. Just remember to pause when you can and be happy.

Hope you enjoy this little recap of our adventure!

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